Tree Cabling and Bracing Scarborough


Trees and plants make our world healthier and more visually appealing. Aside from the most common benefits of the trees purifying the air that we breathe, they add value to our homes and make it appear more relaxing and viable.

If you have a green thumb and are fond of planting trees for its eco-friendly benefits, surely, you would have seen trees living at its weakest point. There are trunk, branch, or crown failures that associate the tree’s point of breakage. If you want to preserve the strength and the integrity of your trees, cabling and bracing may be the best option.

Trees, despite how mighty they are, are also prone to structural failure. There might be areas of rot and decay, weak roots, and improper pruning are just some aggravating factors that cause fundamental concerns in trees.

We, at Tree Removal Scarborough, are not only experts in tree removal. We are also recognized as one of the best in tree cabling and bracing.

Our certified, expert, and licensed arborists will start by assessing your tree’s condition and will communicate the supplemental support option that is ideal for your needs and your budget. Our team strongly believes in providing the most appropriate solutions for tree care needs. This is why we always commit to providing outstanding service delivery and timely response to mitigate further damage and risks to your trees.


Common signs that your trees need either bracing or cabling

Does your tree show these signs of weak structure? You may need to call in the experts right before the disaster strikes.

  • Tight crotches that aren’t fully attached to the tree’s main trunk
  • Heavy, large and multiple stems
  • Lopsided or an imbalanced tree canopy
  • Branches that move around too much

Simply book Tree Removal Scarborough online so we can schedule a guaranteed, licensed and insured tree cabling or bracing process. We promise to attend as fast as we can and treat every bracing and cabling request an emergency.

What is Tree Cabling?

In a nutshell, tree cabling is a supplemental support system for tree areas that have co-dominant unions, cracks, cavities and other aggravating factors that can cause it to fall apart. Strong winds or rain can cause a weak spot to fail and ultimately break.



Professional and Certified Arborists




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What is Tree Bracing?

On the other hand, tree bracing is commonly done in close proximity of the crotch to unions. As arborists would describe it, it is a straight-forward process as it involves identifying the size and number of rods needed to apply support to the weight of the assessed, stress parts of the tree. Holes will be drilled after so that the rod can fit and is later secured with nuts and washers.

With the right equipment, an outstanding service, and a trustworthy team of professionals, your trees can get the support they need to grow and flourish for several years to come. For more details about our premium tree removal and tree care services or other inquiries, contact us at 647-695-3383.