Port Union Waterfront Park

Whether you are a tourist, solo traveler, or a newcomer, Ontario opens its arms to welcome you with life and culture. The city of Ontario is the center for stock and trade, suburbs, and rich ecological wonders. As the seat of financial security, a lot of people that come in Ontario tries their luck for a golden opportunity. This is the main reason why Ontario has been recognized as the “most multicultural city in the world.” Interested to know where you can visit places in Ontario that is beaming with life and activity? Read on to know more.


In the eastern part of the city, there is a waterfront park in between the Highland Creek and Rouge River. This is called as the Port Union Waterfront Park. With 13.5 hectares of green space, and the area connects from Port Union community to Lake Ontario. 3.8 kilometers of waterfront trail provides the people of Ontario a great view of the lake and its shoreline that everyone can walk unto. From there, a pedestrian bridge connects Highland creek and other trail connections to the Highland City Creek watershed. On the further edge, you’ll witness the beauty of a bridge over the Rouge River that connects to the city of Pickering.


While you’re enjoying the sun at the Port Union Waterfront Park, you can enjoy the bike trail with friends and family. There’s a bike trail that everyone can take while taking in the calm and serene environment of the place.

Aside from biking, you can also walk and breathe in fresh air while you get away from the toxicity of everyday life. There’s a walking trail that everyone enjoys while getting a daily dose of sun. People consider this place as a hideout because of its serenity and calmness of the area. Plus, it doubles in as a jogging area for those that want to maintain their shape and get fit for the summer.

More from the Port Union Waterfront Park is a lakeside attraction that even your own company can get inspiration from. You can watch the sunset and bring the kids for a game of sandcastle building. Overall, the area is a great hangout place for catching-up, chit-chats, and activities. You can also have a picnic for two while you’re at it.

Getting There

The Port Union Waterfront Park can be accessed for various means: you can walk and enjoy the view on the pedestrian bridge over Highland Creek from East Point Park, you can also take the route on the pedestrian underpass of the Port Union Village common, from Rouge Beach Park, or through the pedestrian tunnel at the Rouge Hill Go Station.

The next time you’re in Ontario and is looking for a place with a body of water, looking for a way to rejuvenate yourselves, and a serene place to let off some steam, you need to head over to Port Union Waterfront Park. Bring your friends and family while watching the sunset!


Port Union Waterfront Park is located at 169 Chesterton Shores, Scarborough, ON.

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