Malvern Community Recreation Centre: A Haven for Arts, Sports, and Music Enthusiasts

The Malvern Community Recreation Centre is one of the institutions that provide various programs for different age groups. What makes Malvern Community Recreation Centre unique is its broad selection of amenities, programs, youth advisory council, and youth volunteers. The center also has programs geared towards sports, skating, youth leadership, health and fitness, youth camps, and the arts. It can be accessed in all directions within Scarborough.

You can get to Malvern Community Recreation Centre via bus through routes such as the Sewells Road at Alford Cres, Sewells Road at the Brenyon Way eastern portion, Brenyon Way at Sewells Road in the southern portion, and Brenyon Way at Sewells Road.


Below are some of the programs offered at Malvern Community Recreation Centre:

Arts and Crafts

This program at the Malvern Community Recreation Centre provides courses on the different techniques of arts and crafts to be used for projects. The arts and crafts program is ideal for three to five-year-old children. This is to help them discover and use their creativity and imagination in producing works of art.

Visual arts classes are designed for children between the ages of six to 12 years old. Such classes feature topics such as pottery, painting, and drawing.

Children’s Camps

Adventure Camps are ideal for children between the ages of six to 12 years old as well. Campers are generally introduced to different simulated activities through excursions, special events, and workshops. Normally, these camps are free for children.

Dance Programs

Dance programs are ideal for individuals between the ages of 25 to 59, and such programs involve basic and intermediate level courses in Latin, salsa, and ballroom. Ballet classes for kids and adults, on the other hand, include topics on the fundamentals of proper posture and alignment. Street and dance clubs for kids and teens at the center involve jazz dance, which is known for its fast-paced rhythm.

Fitness Programs

Yoga classes involve a series of posture modifications through relaxation strategies, specific breathing strategies, and flexibility, while toning and strengthening the muscles. Normally participants need to bring their own mats as they go through the different styles and approaches of yoga.

General Interest Classes

General interest classes involve socialization and interaction with other people through diverse interests and activities such as music and sports.

Skating Programs

Skating programs at Malvern Community Recreation Center include power skating and hockey skills for beginner to advanced levels. Hockey Skills highly concentrate on game strategies, skating, and puck handling. Power skating trains kids and adults in terms of proper coordination, agility, and speed. The program approves the utilization of gloves, neck guards, and full face masks on ice.

First Aid Program

The center’s 16-hour Standard First Aid program delivers professional training, which includes all areas of CPR and first aid. The course is ideal for those who want to have a better understanding of first aid, especially in medical emergencies, burns, abdominal and chest injuries, bone and joint injuries, heat or cold injuries, spinal injuries, and other medical and legal aspects.


Malvern Community Recreation Centre is located at 30 Sewells Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

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