L’ Amoreaux North Park: A Sweet Escape Towards Tranquility

L’ Amoreaux is a well-renowned neighborhood in Toronto. It is located east of Victoria Park Avenue, west of Kennedy Road, south of McNicoll Avenue, and north of Huntingwood Drive. It was named after its founder, Josue L’ Amoreaux, who was a French Huguenot loyalist residing in the area. Before the Toronto consolidation in 1998, L’Amoreaux was also a community in the former city of Scarborough. Moreover, before the merging of municipalities, the town of Agincourt was established.

The L’ Amoreaux North Park has everything that one can observe in a park. It is massive, and it features a kid’s water park, nature, sports facilities, and trails. Nevertheless, what makes the park unique is its strong connection with history.

At present, the neighborhood and park area demonstrates a touch of French flavor, even though it is a little bit varied. There is also a blend of ethnic cultures, and Chinese is the most prevalent among these. Chinese and South Asians are the two main ethnic groups in the L’ Amoreaux area and about 20% of the residents are fluent in the Chinese language. The residents of the neighborhood are usually middle-class citizens.


Here are some notable attractions at L’ Amoreaux North Park:

L’ Amoreaux Pond

One of the main attractions is the L’ Amoreaux Pond, which is situated in the northern corner of the park. Canada geese often abound the waters and trails. The West Highland Creek headwaters make up the pond, specifically its Bendale branch. There is also an alteration in the creek area since a new body of water has emerged as well.

Passmore Forest

Passmore Forest, which is filled with foliage and looping paths, is what surrounds the pond. The wooded area’s survival is quite notable due to the legacy that colonialism has left. There was ultimate destruction in this area before, which led to the clearing and re-farming of the land. Invasive species have also been introduced as other species have disappeared. Both flora and fauna have been present in the area for the past years. Nevertheless, abundance in species diversity has not occurred in the forest due to the impact of human use and urbanization as well as the use of isolated pockets of tree cover.

Wyandot First Nations Village

The Wyandot First Nations Village inside L’ Amoreaux North Park has the same size as that of the Iroquoian Village located at the Crawford Lake Conservation Area. This village is also popular for its other name, the “Alexandra Site.” After examining the site and retrieving artifacts, this village is currently a single-family housing.  No burial sites were seen. Plaques were also built in the L’Amoreaux North Park as a sign of its discovery. Moreover, archaeologists have perceived that this site has a direct connection with other places in Scarborough, like Thomson Park and Taber Hill.

Bridlewood Mall

Bridlewood Mall was constructed at the corner of Finch Avenue and Warden Avenue. It is an enclosed shopping center,  which is also regarded as the biggest retail building in the park. This mall is at the heart of the Bridlewood housing project, with numerous apartment buildings situated adjacent to it.


L’Amoreaux North Park is located at 1900 McNicoll Ave, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

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