When you look at trees, in most cases, they appear to be harmless. However, this is not always true because there are instances when the trees become a safety hazard. Trees are dangerous and may cause property damage as well as injuries and fatalities. Sadly, most people do not seem to have the expertise or ability to tell when a tree is dangerous. There are some measures that you can take, which will go a long way in helping you identify a tree that is hazardous.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

Assessment of Trees

You should make it a habit to assess your trees. You should position yourself in a place where you can have a view of the entire tree. Look out for any dead branches and if the tree seems to be leaning towards one direction. Are there leaves that are dropping prematurely from the tree? If you notice any unusual thing with the tree, then it would be best to contact a professional to diagnose the tree.

Tree Base Inspection

Once you have completed an assessment of the trees, you should carry out an inspection of the ground at the base of the tree. You will be checking out the root system so as to be sure that it is in perfect condition. If the roots are decaying and infected, this may compromise the structural integrity of the tree. This is an issue that needs to be addressed right away by the tree experts.

Inspecting the Tree Trunk

The trunk of the tree can tell you so much about the tree. You should inspect it and look out for any cracks and cavities in the trunk. If there are so many deep cracks, this means that the tree can split at any point. The cracks can be as a result of dead sections or a fungal infestation. 

Trees are great to have on your property, but they will need to be taken care of. Monitoring trees is essential as this will keep them in check. Safety is paramount when it comes to tree care and this is why you should always involve a reputable tree service provider.

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