Taking care of your trees is important as it will enhance their growth and health. For most homeowners, the challenge is to tell when you need tree removal. There are instances when tree trimming would be the magic to sort out all your tree problems. By understanding the difference between the two services, you will know the specific type of service to ask for, at any given time. 




Tree Trimming




​Tree trimming is a service that is directed towards a healthy growth of trees. This is done periodically and will be used to remove diseased parts and facilitate the proper growth of the trees. If you have branches that are overgrowing and are almost touching buildings or power lines, they can be trimmed. This is useful for improving the curb appeal of your property. With proper tree trimming, you will have the trees shaped to the desired shape and height.




Tree Removal




​There are instances when tree removal will be necessary. If the tree is dead and decaying, this poses a great threat to you and your loved ones. When your safety is compromised, then it is best to have the tree removed. This is a process through which the whole tree is cut down. If your tree is infested with pests and diseases, it needs to be removed so that it cannot spread the infestations.







Tree removal is the last option when all others have failed. It is advisable to try and salvage trees, whenever possible. By hiring a professional expert coming to your property to assess your trees, they will tell which service is appropriate. Trimming trees can save your trees and extend their life. Do not be too quick to remove your trees, whereas you can find an expert to help you with all your tree problems through trimming.




Professional Tree Service




The only time that you can be sure which tree service is the best is when you have an experienced and reputable tree service company. There are times when tree trimming will be the best solution and in other cases, you will have to remove the trees completely.




Tree Removal Scarborough is a full-service tree service provider. We have qualified crews who will be happy to assist with a professional tree service. Call us today and let one of our experts help you determine whether you need tree trimming or tree removal. 


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