There are a number of concerns that homeowners have when it comes to tree removal and one of the main ones is the cost implication. The exact cost of tree removal varies depending on a number of factors. As a matter of fact, you may pay $50 or thousands of dollars for tree removal services. You should ensure that the tree removal company provides you with an accurate estimate for the tree removal, before committing to the project.

Here are some of the key factors that will be used to determine the cost of removing your trees:

  • Location of Trees: The location of the trees is a key consideration. If they are too close to buildings and structures or utility lines, the costs may be higher. There will be more risks in removing such trees and it will likely be more than the standard process of removing trees.
  • Height of Trees: The height of the trees in question will also be a consideration. This will determine the equipment that will need to be used. For instance, there are instances where cranes and bucket trucks need to be used and as such, you would have to pay more for the tree removal services.
  • Size of Trees: The size of the tree refers to both the height as well as the diameter. This is a great consideration in the pricing of the removal services. If you have a very thick tree, then it will need more work as it has to be broken down into smaller pieces. This will escalate the cost of removing thicker trees.
  • Type and Condition of Tree: There are certain types of trees that are more difficult to remove than others. Pine, oak and palm trees are usually expensive to remove than other trees. The condition of the tree is also considered. If the tree is dead and decaying, there is a lot of specialized equipment that will be used and this will increase your final bill.

The specific services that you will need when your trees are removed will also influence the price.

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